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Cass R. Kurzinski


Terrific site mark...your grandfather would be proud!
2/6/2003 Richard L. Shockley SM/2c

Thanks for all the hard work. An outstanding job.



Jim Mower


Great job on the website. Thank you to my father and the entire crew of LSM-87 for their courage in protecting this great country of ours!!


Sandy (Gales ) Crnkovic


Thank you for this wonderful tribute to our fathers who served on the LSM-87. This is in loving memory to my father Harold Mathew Gales who served on the LSM-87. My father Harold enjoyed the Reunions and associations with his fellow shipmates. Thank you for the pictures of the Reunions on this website. Sincerely, Sandy


3/20/2003 Kevin Kurzinski

Excellent site Mark. This site is truly an outstanding honor for our loved ones that have served during WW II.  For me it is a gate into the life of my grandfather who I have little memory of, I am sure he would have been proud. I now have a new respect for the name I carry, Kevin Edward Kurzinski.


6/11/2003 Jim Luick

Excellent Mark-Ski!  Very interesting to read some history about your grandfather, about his ship, about his role in the war.  No doubt he would be proud of this as well as what you're doing for your career.  Good luck to you!


8 December 2003 Arthur "Duffy" Ricks LSM-414

ON BEHALF of "DUFFY" who succumbed to cancer at 0035 hrs. on 07 DEC 2003. He "thought the world" of all you "Amphib" guys he served with in the invasion of Okinawa... Easter Sunday '45 and subsequent Ops.
THANK YOU for your service !! and may the Lord Bless you and all who are important to you this Christmas Season!


17 August 2005 Kim Martin

Purl Allen Ferrier was my paternal Grandfather.  I was browsing the internet one day and Googled his name and found your website.  You have pictures I've never seen before and will share with my family.  Thank You for giving me this history of my Grandfather!


7 January 2006 Terry Delaney

Thanks for keeping the memories of the old ships alive!


9 February 2006 COL LEE FALK, USA Ret.  

Interesting website and my hat is off to the men that served aboard USS LSM-87.  My father was a WWII vet in the USAAC, 8th Air Force, Europe. It's good to see sons and grandsons follow in the steps of the family warriors that served this great country in other conflicts. Best Wishes and God's speed to all.


6 June 2006 Jim Caldwell

Great site.


1 Oct 2008 Ron MacKay, Jr.

Mark, a very fine website honoring the men of the USS LSM 87. Well done!


26 May 2009 Jerry S. Jencks

I'm proud to say my dad, Merv Jencks, was part of the 93rd AAA gun battalion on the voyage from Pearl Harbor to Ie Shima.


24 Aug 2009  

Dick Hoover



My father,  Charles B Hoover, was the radar/radio man onboard the LSM 87.  I understand he was the oldest crew member.  He past away on December 15, 1998.  I was 14 during 1945.  I signed into the "guestbook" with this information just a few moments ago.  Are their any still living crewmembers of the LSM 87 or any more reunions planned?   Thank you for your time. Dick Hoover




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