Scuba Diving the HTMS Khram (L-732) (ex USS LSM-469) in Pattaya Thailand April 23, 2006

During my WESTPAC cruise with the USS SHOUP (DDG 86) in 2006, I was extremely fortunate to be able to scuba dive on the former USS LSM-469.  Here are some pictures and history of the ship.

The HTMS Khram (L-732), formerly the USS LSM-469, is a decommissioned warship sunk by the Thai navy February 1, 2003 to create an artificial reef.  She lies in 30 meters of water a few hundred meters off the eastern coast of Koh Phai and Koh Larn (the most northerly of Pattaya's outer islands).  The ship was sunk to mark His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn's 50th birthday and since then, has become a very popular dive site.

The Thai navy did a good preparation job on the ship freeing her of armaments, oil and other diver hazards.  Large penetration holes flooded with natural light have been cut out of the structure, the bridge, radio room and engine room are all accessible.

The Khram was transferred to the Royal Thai Navy 25 May 1962.  The ship had been in use nearly 60 years.

At anchor before sinking February 1, 2003. From


Orientation of the Khram. From


Koi Phai is in the background. From

The Khram sinking. From



Pictures of my dive on the Khram:

Looking forward from the dive boat at Koi Phai and the final resting spot of the Khram.



Getting "suited up."  Notice how warm the water wetsuit!!!



Sitting on a railing outside the bridge.



A ladder going down into the darkness



The numbers on the aft portion of the ship "7 22." I don't understand that as the hull number of the ship is "732."



Close-up of the numbers.



Looking at the portholes on the bridge tower.



Goofing off at 90ft.



My dive master Kimberly.



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